ITSEC Core Values

Our core values are a set of behaviours that every ITSEC employee is measured against. These core values underpin what makes the ITSEC Group great, what makes our people tick and keeps our customers happy. As a group, we continue to grow and prosper because we have embraced these core values and because they represent a decent, common-sense approach to treating each other in the right way.

We Work Together

We proactively support each other in our work and endeavours. We leverage our collective experience, knowledge and domain expertise by constantly communicating with each other as a team. We make time to value contributions our people make, listen to each other's views and rely on each other's expertise.

We Innovate For Success

We constantly try to improve upon what we do, improve the services and solutions that we offer and search for ways to add value to our efforts through continuous innovation. We listen closely to those who use our services and solutions, we support growth through development and training programs.

We Understand Our Space

We work hard to understand our customer's businesses, their individual needs, requirements, and ambitions. We work hard to understand our markets, as well as our key competitors. We believe that a deeper understanding of our space will allow us to better serve our customers, shareholders and partners.

We Safeguard Our Future

We safeguard our future by working towards controlled acquisitive growth and continuous investment into our group. We allocate a large part of that investment into our people, capabilities and technology, continuously managing for quality as grow our group, our service offering and our capabilities.

We Take Ownership

We take ownership of our work and projects with customers, meaning that we behave like responsible stakeholders in all of our dealings with others during the entire team we work with them. We take responsibility for our mistakes, we own our failures and we recognize our group and individual successes.

We Keep Our Promises

We work hard to earn the trust of our customers, partners, and people by keeping our promises and honestly managing their expectations. We understand that once trust has been lost it can never be regained. We do not make promises that we cannot keep and we do not break promises that we make.


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