Let's Monitor Your VPN For Red Flags

ITSEC’s VPN Beholder is a best-in-class VPN monitoring solution built to give you 360° visibility over your VPN traffic. It provides for real-time anomaly detection and provider alerts upon anomalous behaviour notification, alerting your cybersecurity team to AD account access compromises, shared VPN account compromises, unauthorized device compromises as well as atypical activity and indicators of compromise.

Alerts are provided by real-time live chat notifications and real-time email notifications, allowing your cybersecurity teams to maintain high-level visibility over all of your VPN traffic and be alerted to any potentially suspicious behaviour through your VPN so that they may investigate suspected compromise incidents in a timely fashion, before attackers can get a foothold on your infrastructure and networks. The VPN Beholder tool performs capture analysis of all the VPN logs and has the capability to query your SIEM (Security Information and Event Management software for threat correlation. It is also able to perform automated analysis of any suspicious VPN log behaviour, reducing the workload of your cybersecurity team and enabling them to focus on more immediate priorities. VPN Beholder is an essential tool for any organisation which lacks visibility over their VPN.