Coordinate & Centralise Your Cybersecurity Team’s Efforts

ITSEC’s ISPM is an innovative process management tool that leverages a next-generation organisational platform to manage the information security process by coordinating and centralising your cybersecurity team’s efforts across the full spectrum of their workload. ISPM users and administrators can have 360° visibility over live workflows and receive updates as each individual workflow stage progresses.

Operators update the ISPM platform with their efforts and the intuitive artificial intelligence organises those efforts into an easy to understand dashboard which visualises the current process in play and organises them into structured groupings.The ISPM tool is suitable for any cybersecurity teams that needs to provide a dashboard overview of their work to each other and management. Operators are able to organise and prioritise their workflows and keep each other in the loop about what is being worked on and what stage each task is at, enabling close collaboration between individual team members. ISPM is the ultimate management platform for integrated information security teams.