Let's Find Vulnerabilities In Your IT Infrastructure

Penetration testing assesses an organisations defences by simulating an attack on their network. The process forms an important preventive measure. By identifying existing vulnerabilities and how an attacker would exploit them, organisations are empowered to proactively mitigate their most glaring security flaws. The process equips security teams with the knowledge and tools to circumvent an attacker's next move.

ITSEC is a CREST certified Penetration Tester and a CREST certified Vulnerability Assessment Provider providing assurance to our customers that ITSEC services are delivered by a trusted company with access to qualified & professional technical security staff. The quality of a penetration test lies in its ability to provide actionable insight. Rather than just outlining your vulnerabilities and how they were exploited, ITSEC provides comprehensive post-simulation advisory services. A project report outlines all of the identified security vulnerabilities, along with a risk assessment and mitigation recommendations. ITSEC also provides hands on training to ensure that mitigation steps can be implemented. We deliver presentations to various client stakeholders, to ensure that you can effectively respond to cyber crisis at both a technical and strategic level.

ITSEC has an industry-leading team that has delivered more than 650 successful penetration testing projects. Our team has an extensive background in information security consulting services and their experience covers a wide range of security domains including internal networks, web and mobile applications, as well as specialised areas such as RFID, ATM, EDC, and telecommunication infrastructure. We also support an emerging specialist focus on airport security, including physical and cyber penetration testing.