Let's Hunt For Cyber Threats

Rather than taking a responsive approach to cybersecurity and waiting for an attacker to make their move, threat hunting turns the tables around. By proactively probing networks in a systematic and consistent way, cyber threats that evade existing security measures can be detected and isolated. This disrupts even the most sophisticated threats who lurk in an organisation's networks and propagate across their infrastructure.

ITSEC has the tools, techniques and experience to identify and remove threats from an organisation's environment. We leverage threat intelligence and an extensive database of attackers' technical indicators alongside network sensors to trawl through an organisation's infrastructure and ensure there is nowhere for attackers to hide. Honey pots waiting to be triggered complete the picture and can dramatically reduce dwell time when properly deployed and disguised as typical network devices and servers.

We provide clients with a detailed report of our findings, which includes identification of any compromises (past or present) in their systems, accessed accounts, and any data obtained by attackers. Our security consultants uncover the complete threat context and determine any necessary remediation steps to respond to and eliminate threats. Our threat hunting service helps return the home advantage to you, the defender, and dramatically boosts your organisation's overall cybersecurity posture over the long term.