Let's Secure Your Remote Workers

In the current Coronavirus crisis, many organisations are sending their employees home to work remotely in an effort to stop the virus from spreading. While this may be good for humanity it is a terrible idea for your cybersecurity, especially if your employees do not have company issued laptops which have been properly secured by your own IT team.

Hopefully, your employees have an updated and properly patched operating system, hopefully, they will have an antivirus installed and regularly update its definitions so that hopefully their machines will not be ridden with malware, adware or viruses, or be part of a botnet. Hopefully, your employees are savvy enough to keep their machines secure and use a VPN when connecting to your IT infrastructure, hopefully, they never visit malware-ridden sites and know not to open random email attachments from strangers.

Our experienced professionals can contact your employees and work with them to make sure that they are properly secure when they work from home. This includes making sure their machines are secure, making sure that the connection between your employees and your IT infrastructure is secure and making sure that your business data is safe, even when it is being used outside of your organisations IT infrastructure and network. Let ITSEC take the load of your internal IT team and help secure your employees at home.