Let's Check Your Cybersecurity Health

A Cybersecurity Health Check is essential in establishing a solid foundation upon which to build your cybersecurity infrastructure and will help you identify your weakest security areas, it will also recommend the appropriate actions to mitigate any potential risks that we discover. A cyber health check will provide you with a detailed report describing your current cyber risk status and will leverage best practices, like ISO 27001, CIS 20 Critical Controls and NCSC guidance, to provide recommendations for reducing your overall cyber risk footprint. Ultimately the health check is all about helping you to uncover your cybersecurity weak spots before the attackers do and can help you identify your weakest security areas.

An awareness of cybersecurity risks at board level is critical to your organisation, as part of our comprehensive health check we focus on executive management's knowledge and awareness of your key risk areas. Our cybersecurity health check service quickly identifies potential issues by asking targeted questions. We assess how you respond to cyber incidents, as well as your team's knowledge of cyber security and risk management and ensure that your cyber risk management processes are sufficiently robust.

Our experienced advisers evaluate your current cyber capabilities across multiple dimensions including governance and strategy, security defenses and controls, threat and vulnerability management, and incident readiness, response, and resilience. We implement a phased approach to identify the true nature of your organization's threat profile, assess your cybersecurity posture and provide practical and actionable recommendations to assist you in maturing your organization's cybersecurity program.