Hotels & Hospitality Cybersecurity

Over the last few years we have seen high-profile cybersecurity breaches at almost every major hotel and hospitality group on the planet, primarily because of the rich data that hotels and hospitality organisations gather on their customers, often hotels will build comprehensive records on their customers in order to provide them with a more personalised service, resulting in hotels maintaining detailed records on each customer and their preferences and background. This sort of data is incredibly valuable to cyber criminals who can use it to impersonate your customers, leading to identity theft and social engineering attacks on your customers businesses and organisations.

Hotels and hospitality groups are one of the top five targets for cybercriminals because they offer complex and and interconnected digital environments. Hotels typically operate a large number of endpoints, wifi networks, electronic doors, alarms and HVAC systems, all of which provide cyberattackers with multiple points of entry. To further exasperate matters most hotel employees have not been properly trained to recognize cybersecurity threats and individual hotels are typically connected to their parent companies networks, meaning that just one hotel breached can result in a compromise for the entire group if their networks are not properly secured. Confounding the issue are the third party vendor networks that most hotels rely on to operate their business, which further complicates and enlarges the hotels overall attack surface. This is where we can help, we leverage our experience protecting hospitality groups to protect your organisation, your employees and your customers, including your third-party vendor networks.