Let's Analyse Your Information Security

The Information Security Analysis (ISA) service is one of our key offerings and provides a comprehensive analysis of an organisations' cyber security posture. Our ISA service provides you with industry-recognised best practices and is compliant with ISO27001/ISO9001 standards. The service has a wide ranging scope that includes a review of an organisations security policies, as well as the standard operating procedures around incident management, business continuity and disaster recovery. The process helps organisations to formulate and fine-tune their information security strategy, representing an excellent return on investment through optimised security measures and a secure information infrastructure.

Our consultants cover both the technical and strategic aspects of information security management systems during the course of the Information Security Analysis service delivery. Throughout an engagement, we focus on granular knowledge exchange with our customers to deliver a comprehensive training programme in and of itself. A final project report contains assessment findings, any identified weaknesses, detailed remediation measures, as well as risk probability and impact assessments.

Our ISA service provides ensures robust business continuity in the event of a worst case scenario by developing a clear cyber incident response strategy which equips organisations with the necessary processes and policies to effectively mitigate and respond to future cyber attacks. Our plans cover a variety of scenarios, ranging from data exposure, to data theft and full-blown network compromise. We go to great lengths to ensure that the benefits of this planning are realised across the whole organisation.