Let's Expand Your Security Team

The recruitment, training and retaining of security personnel represents one of the most significant security challenges facing businesses today. The pool of qualified cybersecurity professionals is small while the costs of dealing with cybercrime are mounting. This creates a difficult asymmetry for businesses who are struggling to confront the cyber security challenge with limited resources and a lack of qualified personnel.

ITSEC works with organisations to bypass this problem. Many organisations are now turning to flexible, temporary and contract staffing models as a way to overcome the cyber security skills shortage. ITSEC embraces this model and partners with various companies to act as an extension of their security team. We offer workforce solutions to organisations in a variety of regions and sectors. We guide businesses with our expertise in dispensing flexible staffing services, including temporary and permanent solutions.

In sourcing qualified security personnel from ITSEC our clients benefit from our wider expertise, including access to our proprietary cybersecurity research, threat intelligence and technical artefacts. Our consultants participate regularly in training and knowledge sharing sessions within our group, and pass on these insights directly to our clients.