Mobile & Telco Cybersecurity

Telecom companies have long been a high value target for cybercriminals and nation state actors because they maintain and operate critical communications infrastructure which is used to transmit and store large amounts of private and sensitive data. Nation state actors are increasingly targeting telecommunications providers, their infrastructure and their operations in order to establish covert surveillance over infiltrated networks and allow them to operate undetected over the long term. Over the last few years we have seen highly sophisticated actors infiltrate telecomms providers in order to conduct surveillance of phone lines, mobile data and IM/video calls, such attacks are difficult to detect and remediate.

Organised cybercriminal groups also see telecoms providers as high value targets because of the large amounts of personal data they collect and maintain on their customers. Financial information is of particular interest to cybercriminals who want to steal credit card information, conduct identity theft, or compromise SMS based two-factor authentication mechanisms. While telecoms providers need to defend against these threats, the future is about to create new challenges as 5G networks roll out to support billions of additional devices like IoT devices, industrial automation and driverless cars. A more connected world offers many benefits, but also makes telecoms providers more vulnerable to potential cyberattacks, highlighting that the most important precondition by far for secure 5G networks is a robust cybersecurity posture. This is where we can help, we leverage our extensive experience securing telecoms providers to protect you and your customers against internal and external cybersecurity threats.