• Security Delivered

Penetration Testing

Simulate a cyberattack against your IT infrastructure in order to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses.

Managed Security Services

Outsource any element of your security, we can manage your cyber security operations and technology for you.

Incident Response

Let us help you deal with cybersecurity attacks, formulate your response and conduct a technical investigation.

Information Security Analysis

We will conduct an independent and comprehensive assessment of your security capabilities and posture.

Open Source Intelligence

Let us gather open-source intelligence (OSINT) on an individual, group, organization, or your competitors.

Governance, Risk & Compliance

Our Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) team can help you deal with compliance and legislation regulations.

Digital Forensics

We use digital forensics to perform a systematic investigation, while documenting the chain of evidence.

Threat Hunting

We proactively hunt in a systematic way to detect and isolate cyber threats that have evaded existing security measures.

Application Security

Let us help you secure your applications and build robust & comprehensive security into them at code level.

URS ISO 27001
URS ISO 9001

Accredited & Certified

ITSEC is one of the leading information security firms in Asia.

We help our customers improve their cybersecurity posture. find peace of mind. comply with cybersecurity regulations. sleep soundly at night. complete cybersecurity audits. worry less about their security. secure their IT infrastructure. feel a sense of security. improve their security policies. feel good about their security. respond to cybersecurity incidents. understand the threat landscape. leverage cybersecurity technology. investigate using digital forensics. secure their applications and services.