Let's Protect You Globally From Our Cybersecurity Operations Center (CSOC)

A Cybersecurity Operations Centre (CSOC) sit at the backbone of any security team. CSOC's provide an essential function in monitoring and detecting any threatening event that is critical to an organisation's security. Organisations now host thousands of devices on their network, all of which are capable of providing data and alerts, the CSOC team cuts through the noise to deliver security-critical situational awareness.

ITSEC's state-of-the-art CSOC is located in Jakarta, Indonesia and has been fully operational since July 2018. The CSOC supports ITSEC's network of world-class cybersecurity experts who act as a natural extension to your security team. Our CSOC personnel are ready for when you need help the most and possess the resources to monitor, analyse, and defend your network. ITSEC's CSOC proactively protects a wide variety of digital infrastructure, including data centres, networks, servers, applications and databases.

Our CSOC is based on our proprietary Information Security Process Manager (ISPM) that was developed in collaboration with cybersecurity experts and software developers in Indonesia, Poland, and Singapore. The ISPM's operational processes are automated, resulting in increased productivity, reduced errors and cost savings which are then passed directly onto our clients. Our CSCO-as-a-Service can act as an emergency force multiplier to your existing team should worst case scenarios occur.