Let's Secure Your Data & Databases

Vulnerable databases expose organisations to a variety of risks and threats, the volume of information they hold make them the main source of data breaches. With databases often a single point-of-failure for organisations, their security should be at the core of every business's security strategy. ITSEC works with our clients to double down in ensuring both the integrity and security of their databases, access and authentication.

Understanding a database's vulnerabilities and exposure is an important first step in building robust security. Our database vulnerability assessment method includes sequential steps starting with preliminary interviews to analyse security requirements. It further consists of database artefact collection for detailed assessment, reporting essential assessment findings and discussing ways to strengthen security. Besides periodic security reviews, ITSEC works with our clients to assess database security during database upgrades and migration to new platforms.This allows businesses to remove the uncertainty and risk of implementing a bold digital transformation strategy.

Having established a database's vulnerabilities and exposure, ITSEC provides a database security hardening service. We ensure that all aspects of a database remain secure, including both software and hardware components, as well as client machines and firewalls. Our experts then provide an assessment report that includes essential findings and recommended remediation actions. This allows organisations to radically reduce their attack surface and strengthen their overall cybersecurity posture.