Financial Services Cybersecurity

There are two kinds of financial services organisations, those who have already faced a cyberattack and those that will face one in the future. The financial services industry is easily one of the most targeted industrial sectors, from banks to brokerages, threat actors target financial institutions to steal employee, customer and business data which threatens both your credibility and integrity. Because trust is a cornerstone of the financial services sector, it is critical that financial services organisations preserve the security and confidentiality of their data in order to retain trust over the long term. Stakeholders who rely on secure financial markets are demanding an ever increasing focus on cybersecurity efforts.

As cybersecurity threats move from targeting individual organisations to attacks on the wider financial system, financial services organisations are introducing new digital channels, leveraging automation and innovating with new technologies, this presents further opportunities for systemic risks to develop unless they are correctly addressed. If the financial services sector is to stay ahead of emerging cybersecurity regulation and legislation a new approach to cybersecurity is required, one involving an integrated cybersecurity risk management strategy which leverages the resources and activities of the entire organization, starting with people first. This is where the ITSEC Group can help, we have extensive and deep experience working with the banking and financial services sector to help them develop an integrated approach to cyber risk management.