Let's Smoothly Deliver Managed Security Services

ITSEC’s SecServe platform is full-featured managed security service software which enables ITSEC to automate the delivery of security services by leveraging artificial intelligence (Google TPU v3 AI Pods) to prioritise and organise the synchronized and smooth delivery of each of our individual information security services to our customers in a way that makes sense to their workflows and schedules.

SecServe coordinates the delivery of each of our MSS SME portfolio services and enables our experienced information security professionals to efficiently deliver the services each customer has requested and tailor those services tightly to the customer’s needs. Our MSS SME portfolio contains a variety of services that provide security at all stages of the defence lifecycle, enabling proactive prevention, proactive detection and immediate response. The MSS SEM platform is a best in class managed security services delivery platform which leverages Googles artificial intelligence service to automate and prioritise workflows based on the customer’s needs, enabling our people to stay in front and ahead of the customer expectation curve and deliver services at exactly the right time, when they are needed the most. Smooth delivery of information security services.