Airport Cybersecurity

Our aviation industry and national airport infrastructure should be considered a vital national resource, they serve an important role in the transportation of people and goods and are where international aviation networks connect to other transportation networks, this makes them highly visible and symbolic targets for nation state actors and cyber criminals alike. Because airports and their smooth operation are so very visible to the public, a successful cyberattack can damage public trust over the long term and can have a visible and immediate effect in the real world as any disruption can impact passenger flow.

Because airports are experiencing ever-increasing demand from air travel passengers, they are at the forefront of technological innovation as they adopt new technologies such as smart gates, air conditioning, heating and electrical systems, electronic signage, baggage systems and parking services, networked screening equipment, such as smart gates, detection systems and body scanners are implemented in order to keep up with demand. This constant innovation and adoption of new technologies creates a whole new set of challenges for airport administrators, challenges which can have serious real world security implementations if the cybersecurity risks surrounding them are not effectively managed. This is where the ITSEC Group can help, our experienced team can help airport operators deal with these challenges and stay ahead of emerging risks.