Let's Manage Your Security Together

Protecting an organisation from cyber attack requires a long list of security processes that can quickly overwhelm even the largest organisations. Building the internal capability to deliver an effective cyber security team also involves significant costs and resources. ITSEC's Managed Security Services (MSS) offers a solution to this problem, by providing a cost-effective outsourcing option where high quality security solutions can be delivered at pace. This equips organisations with an agile response to the latest threats and an on-demand cybersecurity force-multiplier.

Our Managed Security Services (MSS) portfolio contains a variety of services that provide security at all stages of the defence lifecycle: prevention, detection and response. Our threat monitoring services ensure that malicious traffic is blocked, while legitimate traffic is able to run smoothly to ensure that good security does not compromise business processes. ITSEC also runs continuous vulnerability scanning on an organisations network to ensure flaws are fixed before they are discovered by attackers.

Through extensive network and log monitoring, ITSEC has the capability to detect and respond to attacks across a range of platforms including an organisations internal network, their cloud, and even emerging technologies. Many of these processes require analysts to sift through thousands of alerts on a daily basis, many of which are false positive results. With ITSEC providing this service, businesses can instead focus on the positive opportunities that arise from embracing new technologies and solutions.