Cyber Insurance Whitepaper

What business leaders need to know about cyber insurance, covering the risks, the problems and the challenges.

The first cyber insurance policies were geared toward information technology companies responsible for managing networks and systems used by other businesses and consumers and protected a service provider from the risks involved in managing a third party's infrastructure. The cyber insurance space has evolved since the mid 90’s when this kind of insurance was common. Current cyber insurance protection comes in three forms: third-party written coverage, first-party written coverage, and implicit silent cyber coverage (sometimes called non-affirmative cyber exposure), it’s worth drilling down into each of these to take a look at them in closer detail.

This cyber insurance whitepaper helps business leaders understand the pro's and cons of cyber insurance and takes a detailed look at what cyber insurance is, the different kinds of coverage, what cyber insurance covers and some of the problems with cyber insurance as it matures as an insurance product. Click here to download the whitepaper in PDF format.